Folsom Werkstatt FAQs

Folsom Werkstatt FAQs

1. Do you use factory parts?

Yes, we use only OE or OEM parts during the repair of your vehicle.

2. Can I wait while you service my vehicle?

While we prefer that you leave the vehicle, we understand that sometimes this might not be possible. With a pre-scheduled appointment we will perform minor service / repairs while you wait.

3. Can you do warranty repairs?

We are unable work with the original manufacturer's warranty. However, we are able to perform repairs covered under extended warranties and insurance claims.

4. Does your shop recycle it's used motor oil?

Yes, our shop is dedicated to being as "green" as we can be. We are constantly striving to find better "greener" ways to approach automotive repair. Currently our shop is run off of solar power and all fluids that can be recycled are done so properly.

5. Do you have loaner vehicles?

No, unfortunately at this time we are not able to provide loaner vehicles, this is something we are looking into for the future and will update this site when available.

6. Are your technicians qualified to work on my vehicle?

Yes, all technicians currently on staff have been factory trained by Mercedes-Benz dealerships and are Master Certified.

7. If my vehicle is under warranty will I void it by servicing my vehicle with you instead of the dealership?

No, as long as factory approved products/procedures are used during the servicing of your vehicle you will not void your warranty.

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